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About Russell
      Russell Memorial C.M.E Church was founded in 1902 in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stroud on Chapel Hill Street (now Kent Street) under the leadership of Rev. Joseph S. Miller. The congregation soon outgrew this setting, and the first structure was purchased, which was called King Chapel. In the early 1930's the church leaders worked toward expanding. A brick structure was built on Matthew Street, and the name was changed to St. Matthew C.M.E. Church.
      On December 11, 1949 under the pastorate of Rev. W. A. McEwan, the church building was burned during the morning worship service. On December 13, 1953, a newly erected edifice was opened for worship at 703 South Alston Avenue. The name of the church was changed to Russell Memorial C.M.E. Church.

      Russell Memorial has been strengthened by the leadership of a successful line of outstanding pastors/shepherds, preachers/teachers. Our present pastor, Dr. Wayne A. Williams was assigned in July 2012. Several ministries have been revitalized, reactivated, reenergized, and reorganized.

      Russell Memorial is a member of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. The C.M.E. Church was founded December 16, 1870 by a group of 41 former slaves in Jackson, Tennessee. Our denomination operates four colleges - Miles College, Birmingham, AL; Paine College, Augusta, GA; Lane College, Jackson, TN; and Texas College, Tyler, TX; and, one seminary, Phillips School of Theology, Atlanta, GA. The C.M.E Church, also has eight (8) General Departments; and ten (10) Episcopal districts with conferences in U.S.A., Africa, Haiti, and Jamaica.

      Our church is in the Durham District of the Carolina Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District. Rev. Louvenia R. Coleman is the Presiding Elder of the Durham District. Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, is the Presiding Prelate of the Carolina Conference of the Seventh Episcopal Church.

About the CME Church

      The Christian Methodist Episcopal church is steeped in the history of Methodism in America. Like all other Methodist denominations, we trace our religious origin back to the father of all Methodist people, John Wesley. However, since our agreeable separation from the former Methodist Episcopal Church, South (United Methodist Church) in 1870, we have been a distinctive body of Christian Methodist believers.

     The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church throughout its glorious history has been dedicated to ministering to the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of its communicants. We have consistently involved ourselves in the liberation of the oppressed from social injustice, poverty, and ignorance. We are a proud and highly respected Church.

      There are over eight hundred thousand Christian Methodists living in America, Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean Islands. There are over three thousand Churches to serve our people. We have five colleges, a seminary, a hospital, and several low-rent and senior citizen housing complexes. Because of the dedicated ministry of our Church, thousands of men and women have received Jesus Christ into their lives. Neither race, nationality or color is a criteria for membership in our Church.

     Russell Memorial, the local Church, has been active in this community since 1902. The church fosters a ministry that encourages fellowship and empowers members to witness and share the word of God. Our doors are open to all who desire Christian fellowship.