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Women's Missionary Society

Women's Missionary Society

The purpose of the Russell Memorial C.M.E. Church Missionary Society is:
  • To implement the mission and unity of the Christian Church in Christ Jesus.
  • To make that mission and unity known at home and abroad.
  • To encourage cooperation, fellowship, and mutual counsel concerning the spiritual life and religious activities of the Christian Church.
  • To encourage the study of the Bible and to assist in spreading the Gospel.
  • To study the needs of society in order to aid in the development of programs, people, processes, and resources that will enable the Women's Missionary Society to fulfill its mission.  Such studies enable the Society to react cooperatively to the moral, ethical, and spiritual issues inherent in spreading the Gospel.
  • To work closely with private and public institutions in the fulfillment of common goals, insofar as such cooperation is consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Women's Missionary Council.
President:  Faydene F. Hatch
Vice President: Fannie T. Lee
Secretary:  Freddie M. Graham
Assistant Secretary:  Laura B. Whitley

Treasurer:  Evelyn C. Deck

Circle Chairpersons

Adult Christian Council:  Joyce Vestal
Whelchel's Helping Hand:  Joyce Taylor
Rossie T. Hollis:  Pamela Joyner
Cradle Roll:  Emma J. Harris